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Our Story

Taekwondo & Nurse T-shirts!
I know it sounds like a weird combination. But I have been a t-shirt designer most of my career. My kids and I love Taekwondo and my wife is a nurse. And, since I have been designing t-shirts forever, we all think in terms of " Hey, that would make a great t-shirt!" 
So when we couldn't find any Nurse or Taekwondo t-shirts online that we liked, we decided to create them ourselves based on what we know and what we love! So we hope you enjoy our designs! We also love hiking, camping, surfing, music, art, and my daughter is a vegan with great ideas for those tees! So we have many more t-shirt lines that will be showing up on Rhino Junction Tees in the near future! Also being a Maryland-based company we have a bunch of ideas for MARYLAND Tees, Fleece and Onesies!! So stay tuned!
I promise to write a more complete, detailed BIO at a later date!
Meanwhile, enjoy the vid below of some cool taekwondo moves!
-Your Friends at Rhino Junction!