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Dough Boy Parody Taekwondo Design- TAEKWONDO T-SHIRT - Tae Kwon DOUGH- YSST442

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You Can't help but LOVE THIS DESIGN! Clever Parody- Play on Words: TAE KWON DOUGH! And the Graphic Makes it! People will dig this shirt! FREE SHIPPING TOO!!!

Tae Kwon Do is a Serious Sport! But it's SERIOUSLY FUN too! So we figured let's have some Fun with the designs we do for you! And we couldn't Pass up the Dough Boy doing a Side Kick! Hope you like wearing it as much as we did designing it! :)

• Youth Short Sleeve Tee • For help in choosing the Correct Garment Size CLICK HERE

• Novelty, Parody and Clever Witty sayings and Graphics. It's all about wearing a cool t-shirt and supporting your sport!



• Youth Short Sleeve Tee • For help in choosing the Correct Garment Size CLICK HERE

• Also comes in Adult, Missy & Juniors Sizes Too!

• Taekwondo T-Shirts Make Cool, Great Birthday, Holiday and Anytime Gifts too!

• If you have questions or comments about anything, feel free to email us at...

•This Graphic is Simply an Awesome, Killer T-Shirt Design for Anyone into Taekwondo. Get it. Wear it. Love it!

• If you are looking for other graphic style tees we have  lotsa t-shirts designs you can buy online from Vintage t-shirts, Fun & Funny t-shirts, Bold Graphic tees like this one to just seriously Cool printed t-shirts online. We at ( aka  try hard to represent the Philosophy of Taekwondo in a Respectful way through our design and hope you keep coming back for more!

• We have lotsa awesome Taekwondo T-shirts online at ( aka from Vintage t-shirts, funny t-shirts, Retro t-shirts to just downright Cool printed t-shirts online. We try hard to represent the Philosophy of Taekwondo in a Respectful way so you can Show your Support for your Sport and look good doing it!

• Taekwondo is an ART, it is SELF-DEFENSE but it is also an Awesome SPORT and my kids wanted tees they could wear to show what sport they played.! So we designed Boys Taekwondo T-Shirts, Youth Taekwondo T-Shirts, Girls Taekwondo T-Shirts and Adult Taekwondo T-Shirts also. We hope you like them and keep coming back to see our new designs!

•Funny, Clever Play on Words. Buy Online Tshirt Junior’s Printed Martial Arts Karate

•The majority of our T-Shirt Designs on this site are aimed at Taekwondo. However there are still quite a few that are appropriate for all of the Martial Arts including MMA, Karate, Taekwondo, Jiu-Jitsu, Muay Thai, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, Judo and other Martial Arts!

• Youth Short Sleeve Tees are Gildan 5.3 oz Tees
• Tee is a unisex Youth Short Sleeve Tee for Boys & Girls
• Pre-shrunk but still tend to shrink a few % points in a hot dryer.
• Majority of tees colors are 100% Cotton.
• Sport Grey & Antique colors are 90% Cotton / 10% Polyester
• Dark Heather, Safety Colors & Neon Colors are 50% Cotton / 50% Polyester
• The Ash Colored Tee is 99% Cotton / 1% Polyester
• And they have tear-away neck labels so no  itchy necks!

                                          •Thanks! From your Friends at Rhino Junction!•